Friday, April 2, 2010

Tattle tell or tattle tale?

So, today, a company that I’m currently contracted with announced a merger – they’re being bought by an awesome company. Truthfully, I didn’t really care much because I am not an employee of this company, so at the end of the day I’m not directly affected. Of course, there are indirect affects and I’d be a fool to ignore those. However, for the sake of my argument, I’m not really bothered.

Now, as I pass by the whispering cubes and head out to enjoy MY afternoon, I ponder the thoughts of those who are involved in the aftermath of closed-door meetings. Will someone lose their job today? Will someone be promoted today? Will someone be “forced” to participate in the transition, only to eventually be let go? With all of these possibilities floating around, was there also a possibility that livelihoods could have been spared?

Okay. With that said, why does management keep stuff like this under wraps? How come, whenever there’s a huge decision like a merger and a lot is at stake, is it always kept under wraps? Do they think the average Joe Cubicle will learn of the merger, run-tell the masses, and there will be some sort of super protest in front of the building the next morning? Or, maybe the millionaires in the organization will hit the stock market and become billionaires by lunch…

Personally, I believe that an organization that truly values its employees will consider them in the decision. Not that they shouldn’t act upon whatever they feel is best for the company; just that they should give a heads up so that people can make well-informed decisions regarding what to do with their lives…and careers.

Wonder what Penelope would have to say about that…

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pointless Addictions

I realized this morning that my daily routine consists of my new fave blog (P. Trunk rocks!) and responding to people’s drama. (I’ll leave the issue of my daily routine not really being routine, but more so just things I do each day, regardless of order). For a while, I was addicted to Yahoo! Answers. It’s like free therapy, or better yet, let’s call it free advice (as if advice normally has a cost, or maybe it does…later convo). Anyway, I got hooked on responding to random questions posted in YA, mostly in the relationship, marriage, family topics. Some are sad, people out there so desperate for any type of help, they’re reaching out to the vast knowledge of strangers on the web. Some are ridiculous, people just wasting time (my #1 peeve). Some really take that stuff seriously, like, they are truly affected by what is asked/answered on YA. I once answered a question from a younger woman dating an older man, wanting to know if there were signs that he was trying to “train” her into an obedient wife. After my response, I got an email (via the YA module, of course) telling me I was jealous of her relationship... Like I always say, cant save ‘em all.