Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Separating business and …family?

So, my plate is full. Period. However, because I see or speak to my family every day, there’s always someone who has an event coming up, a dress that no longer fits right, or a slew of new clothes that they were never able to wear because they are the wrong size and the person knew this before they bought it but bought it anyway knowing they could just give it to me since I’m a “person who sews things” and that has become a variable in their shopping experience…whew.

So, I now have this huge section of alterations or random projects for my grandfather, my sister, my best friend, my mom, and my aunt, etc. and the pile is only growing larger. Coupled with my actual client projects – scheduled through September – I am simply overwhelmed!

To make matters worse, I received a call from my dear old grandpa asking about his pants (he gave me six pair to do a simple hem, and I’ve had them for over a month). I feel awful. I did, however, give 3 pair to my mom over the weekend. She sees him more than I, so I thought she could hand them off sooner. No dice. She forgot, wondering “what that bag was on the table.” Okay. I feel worse.