Friday, July 24, 2009

Um, why are we here again?

Okay, so this time, I'm not as excited about the ATL to CA trip. Normally, I dream about the beach, the perfect sky, and the fresh smell of San Francisco air. But, lately, I've been a little less enthused. Maybe it's because I absolutely DO NOT like how my studio looks this time around. It is just not as creative a space as I'm used to. Or, maybe it's just that I totally and completely LOVED my ATL studio. It's just perfect as it is. I wouldn't change a thing. This one...not so much.

Either way, I'm still booked through the end of the month and still have to perform. But, the space is draining's taking away from what I love about all this. It's kind of sad, really. Wonder if I should start looking for a real, brick-n-mortar location...

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