Thursday, April 9, 2009

To style, or not to style...

Blending theromanceofstylewiththefunkofindividuality...or do I, really.

In my dreams, I see all of these beautiful things. They don't go together, but yet they do. There is color and texture. I drool. I wake up. I am inspired. I try to sketch and it comes out alright, the idea is there. Then, I cut, I sew, and I place the garment on my form. And, it looks great - except, it is not what I set out to create. So, how did this beautiful piece end up looking like this? Am I really a "classic" at heart?

I guess I am. I always have been. Why? Because I'm too anal and Type A to be a true designer. I won't let spontaneity and abstract find its way into my work. There must be process, clean lines, symmetry and such. Otherwise...well, I don't know, but there just must be.

So, then why am I in love with all things madcap. Why did my heart skip a beat when I saw Marc Jacob's spring release?

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